Children's Dental Procedures

Children's Sedation Dentistry - Las Vegas Children's Dentist

Toothfairy Children's Dental offers sedation dentistry for kids in Las Vegas and in Henderson, an option that can ease dental anxiety and allow for more extensive dental work to be accomplished in a single visit. We offer sedation methods such as nitrous oxide and we can also provide sedation through general anesthesia administered at an out-patient facility, where we can complete all treatment in one visit.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

We offer nitrous oxide to pediatric dental patients when appropriate in our offices. Children's sedation dentistry using nitrous oxide is often used with patients with high dental anxiety or for patients with special needs. 

We welcome you and your child into the room and introduce your child to the nose piece and "balloon" that your child will be blowing up with his or her nose. After treatment and before being released, your child will be placed on 100 percent oxygen for 10 minutes.

Nitrous oxide is safe and does not travel into the blood stream. All residual nitrous gases are exhaled before your child will be dismissed. From there, your child will be able to get up and leave the office with no down time. He or she can return to school the next day. 

Is nitrous oxide right for your child?  It could be.  If you think your child would benefit from sedation, ask Dr. Luong  leading children’s dentists in Las Vegas and Henderson, for more information concerning available options.  

Out-Patient General Anesthesia

Children’s sedation under general anesthesia is best used on a child who is experiencing severe tooth decay (15-20 damaged teeth) or for a special needs patient who may have a difficult time sitting still while dental procedures are underway.

For kids who need detailed, full-mouth dental care, Dr. Luong will treat your child at an out-patient facility. General anesthesia will be administered by our anesthesiologist so that your child can have multiple dental procedures performed in one visit. These procedures may include:

Root canals



Your child is monitored by nurses and the anesthesiologist while the dentist performs the treatment. Your child will be asleep while the treatment takes place and will not experience any discomfort.

For young patients with dental anxiety issues, extensive tooth decay, or special needs, children’s sedation provides a way for beneficial dental work to be performed while your child is comfortable. Contact our Las Vegas area dental office today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our options for children’s sedation dentistry.