What Parents Say about our Henderson Pediatric Dentist!

We strive to provide each child with the care and comfort they would want to receive. We understand each child's needs are unique, and we make it our priority to get to know these needs to provide a memorable experience with healthy results. Below are a tribute to the service we provide from actual parents of the children we have cared for.

I am a doctor in town and has unlimited knowledge and access to good doctors I can take my two sons to. I chose Dr. Luong for the last 9 years because of her great reputation in the community. She is caring and is extremely skillful at her work. Because of her, my sons look forward to going to the dentist. I highly recommend her to my peers.
Dr. Robert Mason, D.O

Dr. Robert Mason, D.O

I love Dr. Luong. I trust her with all four of my children! She is very good at what she does and very gentle with the children! She's excellent! If I would ever recommend a children's dentist it would be her! Actually I have recommended to some of my friends and family members because of her professionalism.

Stephanie and Jason VanStorey

Las Vegas

Dr. Minh Luong is truely dedicated to giving children the best quality dental care any parent wants. My oldest child is 18 and I've been taking him to the dentist since he was a baby and she found problems that other dentists ignored. She honors her job with great pride and dignity. We will never see anyone else!!!


They are very friendly, professional, and I always have the same dentist when we go see them. Dr. Luong always remembers my kids and their dental problems before she even looks at their charts. I am very happy that I found Toothfairy Children's Dental to perform the surgery on my son. I would have never let anyone else touch my children's mouths again. Myself among many other friends of mine feel that they are one of the best Chilren's Dental companies in town. They are recommended by one of the best pediatricians my children have seeing since birth. Being a parent, I want the best for my kids. I highly recommend them to any parents who wants the best for their kids.
A. Rodriguez

A. Rodriguez

I just want to tell you, Dr. Luong that I appreciate how you went above and beyond your duties to fix my daughter's dental problem and giving her a great smile again. God can see the good heart you have and all the good work you do for children. Karma will always be kind to you for your good work in helping the less fortunate. You are beautiful inside and out, please don't forget that!

J. Powell's mother

My son was in great pain because he had a toothache. Being a mother I only wanted the best dentist for my kid and a trusted friend suggested Toothfairy Children's Dental so I took him there. Though it took some time toothache pain subsided and thanks to the doctor she found the cause of the toothache and was able to treat it.


When my son's tooth started aching, my Mom suggested that I take him to the Toothfairy Children's Dental. Her neighbor takes her children there and she simply trusts their dentist and considers them to be the best in Las Vegas. Now I believe so too.


My daughter chipped her tooth on Sunday and my wife and I were very freaked out and worried. We called her dentists office first thing Monday morning when they opened and they scheduled her an emergency appointment that morning and were able to take a look at her tooth and fix it. What a relief to have a dentists office who cares and can take care of their patients when they really need it.


If you are looking for an experienced kid' ;s dentist in Las Vegas than I recommend Toothfairy Children's Dental.


Whenever any child in our family suffers from toothache we simply take him or her to the dentist at Toothfairy Children's Dental in Las Vegas. Trust me they are the best.


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