Vietnam Missionary trip 2008

In 2008, we visited orphanages and convalescent homes in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Aside from providing care in hot humid weather from sunrise to sunset, we also brought toys and clothes that were donated by our paitents.  We also provided the orphans and elders with toothbrushes, toothpastes and oral care.  Toothfairy children's Dental's staff donated medicines that we provided to less fortunate patients in Vietnam. 

Through these pictures below you will realize that we were able to treat with minimal tools and supplies.  You will see that patients are not laid back comfortably in a dental chair but just sitting up with heads tilted back on any chair.  There are no dental lights but just the flash lights that we wear over our heads.  Even with our limited resources we were able to treat over a thousand children and elders.  If you are interested in coming with us on our mission or would like to do a donation, please email us.  There are alot of unfortunate patients who need our voluntary services.  We are planning our next trip in the near future and need all the help we can get.



Vietnam Missionary Trip 2008 Dr. Luong and team at an orphanage in Hanoi after finishing for the day.


Vietnam Missionary Trip 2008 Dr. Luong treating an orphan who has never had the priviledge to see a dentist.


Vietnam Missionary Trip 2008 The orphans waiting patiently to be treated.
Vietnam Missionary Trip 2008 Dr. Luong treating the teacher at the orphanage.